Young adult holding alcohol related message and a plastic bottle

One of Whose Round Service Design and idea generation workshops that have been delivered to a variety of students from Universities and Colleges of greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

Class of students listening to a workshop facilitator

Gathering “Dear Alcohol Stories” at Glasgow freshers’ week 2014.

Students putting messages in a plastic bottle at a students fair

“Dear Alcohol Stories” shared by students.

Poster with illustrations of people feeling happy then sick because they drank too much

Promotional “Hangover Survival Kits” developed to raise awareness around alcohol consumption and Whose Round project.

Drinks and foods in front a brown paper bags constituting hangover survival kits

Visualisation of one of the ideas generated as part of the campaign.

Girl hugging a door where there is an image of an attractive guy and then another with a drunken guy

One of the “Mini awareness posters” created as part of Whose Round campaign to share valuable insights around alcohol consumption, on social media.

Illustration of stick figures, one sees the other turning into a block of ice due to alcohol induced hypothermia

Whose Round competition winners posing for the camera.

Students holding signs and a big golden cone posing for a photo in the evening