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Nice to meet you

Girl holding a big leaf in tropical forest

10+ years in Design

I move comfortably between design disciplines across the end-to-end design process, from concept to launch and optimisation. I love being hands-on, and mentoring others. I am a functional designer who appreciates aesthetics, and will always put user needs at the heart of the process. I want to focus on creating products and services that bring a positive impact, I like being efficient, experimenting , and politely challenging clients and teams to achieve the best outcomes. 

I normally live in Europe, but will be traveling for a few months in Asia, and back in Europe in May 2023. I advocate remote working (I made a practical guide when the pandemic hit to help our teams). I think it expands collaboration opportunities, and enables a more sustainable work/life balance, but I am open to working face to face when it really adds value. 

I have worked on client side for large corporates like the Royal Bank of Scotland. I stay loyal to the agencies I love working with, like Globant and We are Snook, and I have freelanced for small to large organisations doing great things for people and businesses like OCHA’s Humanitarian Data Exchange, Settle, the zone, Jovoto

I have a mad passion for adventure travelling and share some of my experiences on @Travellingrobin

💚 I offer extra support and reduced rates for companies working towards a more sustainable, inclusive and fair future. Let’s collaborate!

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