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I am an all-round designer with a healthy obsession for speed and quality, an empathic facilitator, a scrupulous researcher and an adventurous traveller.


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About me

Part strategist, researcher, service, graphic and digital designer. I believe in grounding design in user research and bridging future technology with the current reality to create meaningful solutions that truly work. I design with, and for people, ensuring technology creates real value. I love making sense of complex processes, digital and physical systems, finding ways to minimise the waste of energy, time and resources to make services work in the best possible way for all stakeholders involved.

Life experiences more than work shaped me, providing me with open-mindedness, lean start-up mentality and ability to adapt and reinvent myself. I am mad for travelling and fascinated by human beings. I was born in Italy but have been living and working abroad since I was 19 (Indonesia, England, Spain, Australia, Holland, Scotland, Portugal, Ukraine, US…). This has been a great life school and it has provided me with an extensive international network of friends and co-workers. Whether for work or life I am never afraid of taking the initiative, I like my life to be dynamic and I’m always on the look for interesting challenges. I believe in functional and beautiful design, high-quality and speedy results, open feedback and healthy and challenging work environments.

I hold a BA in Graphic Design and Art direction, from NABA, Milan-based Arts Academy, and an MA in Digital Media Management from Hyper Island, UK.

From exploring the future of financial services for Deutsche Bank to redesigning the laundry-care process for Miele, I regularly work as a project guide for jovoto, a crowdstorming company that delivers innovation to global brands by leveraging its global pool of over 80.000 talented creatives.

After 3 years at Snook, working as designer and strategist, I have moved to an associate role. My latest projects include Snook’s own brand and website redesign from sketches all the way to testing and developers management, you can read about the website development process and its core features in this blog post.  The design and delivery of an intense Design Lab module for the University of Strathclyde and its new master in Entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Current projects include the management and development of #TechDataHack with Snook and Tech Data as well as a series of engagement and design workshop to support the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the development of a new Humanitarian Data Centre focused on increasing the use and impact of data in the humanitarian sector.

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